About Me

I’m Phoebe,
a fourth Geology PhD student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK.

My research is in Structural Geology, which is how rocks deform after they are made. I study how rocks deform when continents collide to make mountains.

I love being in the mountains, they give me so much purpose and joy. I’m a Summer Mountain Leader. I hill walk, climb, mountain bike, swim and paint as much as possible!

When rocks deform we can see big folds and faults on cliffs in mountains. Geologists study this by drawing the view. When we take time to properly look at and document wild places, we understand them better and become closer to them.

I take my painting kit with me and paint during snack/lunch breaks;

· Winsor & Newton Professional Artist’s Watercolours
· Arttoolkit Pocket Palette and Toolkit
· Pentel brush pens
· Rosemary & Co travel brushes
· Handbook Journal company Travelogue Watercolor sketchbooks
· Paul Reuben’s Sketchbooks